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July 4, 2022

Upskyld's selection of podcasts - June 2022

Upskyld’s team and its contributors listen to podcasts everyday and like to share it with the rest of the community. Some of them are a bit long… And because our IA algorithm that will help you associate capsules of episodes to specific skills, we decided to give more insights to our community and highlight what topic is being discussed into details.

This way, you can jump into what interest you the most in each episode! Here was the une selection for podcasts in FR and EN (because we still have a lot of FR speaking followers).

All French Podcasts below…

Podcast: Generation Do It Yourself / Episode: #259 - Thibaud Elziere - eFounders - Startups, Web3, voile solaire et maisons de luxe : quand la curiosité n’a plus de limites

7'30 >> Mission and ups/downs of a startup studio
19'30 >> How do you chose a team? How a studio is structured?
38'20 >> What is a good entrepreneur?
50"55 >> How does eFounders work?
1'04'58 >> What is Web3?
1'11'58 >> What's about cryptos that makes them awesome?
1'34'44 >> Invest in a fund vs Business Angel
1'41'45 >> How to evaluate a case and get organised to plan projects?
1'54'35 >> The green vertical - Importance of a mission and an impactful vision
2'03'30 >> Solar sail and the Gama space
2'29'00 >> Folk, a contact management software
2'46'40 >> How eFounders is focusing on fairer and more inclusive entrepreneurship

Listen to the podcast here >>

Podcast: Silicon Carne / Episode: Startup Game Over

2’00 >> Are we facing a natural correction or is this the end of a cycle for startups?
7'00 >> How do investors react to the market and what impact for fundraising and valuations?
22’10 >> What happened on the market?
31’00 >> Who benefits from the situation and why?
42’30 >> Will the investors change their investment strategies?
52’10 >> Tips to entrepreneurs for the coming months

Listen to the podcast here >>

Podcast: Follow Me / Episode: #5 - Caroline Jurado - « Rien n’est efficace à côté de TikTok »

6’10 >> Why did she use TikTok to test BtoC acquisition?
10’00 >> How does work TikTok’s algorithm? What is a « bad video »?
15’30 >> How does she find inspiration to produce 5 videos a week?
22’05 >> How to spread the work around your TikTok channel and how Youtube can boost your visibility
29’09 >> A Newsletter is still a powerful tool
35’50 >> Which acquisition channels does she monetise and why?
44’21 >> Which content creator does Caroline follow?

Listen to the podcast here >>

Podcast: tech ’45 / Episode: #44 - C'est quoi un bon CEO ? Avec Jérôme Lecat (Scality)

4'10 >> Jérôme Lecat's journey
6'40 >> How Jérôme defines a good CEO
18'30 >> What makes internal success

of Scality? What is the remote policy?
24'42 >> How is the current crisis impacting Scality? And on startups?
32'40 >> A return to France after years in the US
38'10 >> Raising funds can be complicated in the US, especially because of French labor law
45'00 >> The biggest mistake and the biggest success at Scality

Listen to the podcast here >>

All English Podcasts below…

Podcast: Product Marketing Insider /Episode: Tips for refining product messaging | Ashley Wood, Head Of Product Marketing at LANDR Audio Inc.

01’44 >> Ashley’s role and responsibilities
4’30 >> How is the team composed and what are each person’s scope?
6’55 >> What does powerful messaging sound like? is it different to target c-suiters?
10’35 >> Tips for developing and evaluating existing messaging
11’48>> How to use messaging to effectively highlight your USPs
14’55 >> What are the most common mistakes product marketers make? And the best practices?

Listen to the podcast here >>

Podcast: Brands on Brands / Episode: Personal Branding in Action | Ep. 232

2’10 >> Starting with what is branding exactly? And what are the steps?
4’15 >> What is the most efficient way to hit a good branding?
7’20 >> Create a meaningful experience for your audience
13’30 >> What is the best way to do so?

Listen to the podcast here >>

Podcast: Marketing Made Easy / Episode: #49: The Best Ways to Use Testimonials to Grow Your Business

4’00 >> The impact of testimonials, whatever solution, product or service you need
7’05 >> How do you create a good testimonial? And how often should you create them?
17’50 >> Who should you interview for a great content?
20’30 >> What should you ask to get the best testimonial?

Listen to the podcast here >>

Podcast: Product Led Revenue / Episode: #49: Acquisition Strategies, Data, and Pricing in a Product Led Company l Rajan Steth, Hypergrowth & Ex-Growth at Heroku

4'25 >> What was the scale of growth at Heroku? What was the team structure?
8'10 >> Acquisition pipelines - what was the best strategy? What metrics?
13'35 >> How do they use PQLs?
18'25 >> How can we do better with upsell and cross-sell? How should we use data to do so?
31'10 >> How have they thought about pricing?

Listen to the podcast here >>

September 8, 2022

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