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August 16, 2022

Upskyld's selection of podcasts - July 2022

Because we took care of our users in need of a break, we selected a wide range of podcasts for them to listen - on the beach, on a trail, on a terrace…

Podcast hosts and guests talk about Product, Marketing, Sales techniques and challenges for entrepreneurs.

No doubt you will find some inspiration. 

If that’s not the case, our podcast finder Marie will gladly accept your recommendations.

In the meantime: happy listening, happy learning!

Podcast: Master of Scale

Episode: 113. Michael Dell: Break it ’til you make it

09’59 >> The first stage of building up a business is too break things down
15’52 >> How Michael's deconstructionist approach can let you get the jump on a big competitor and their newest product
23’56 >> Michael didn't just copy the Toyota system. He deconstructed it, then rebuilt it specifically for Dell.

Listen to the podcast here 

Podcast: The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Episode: 20 Sales: The Biggest Challenges Building Outbound Sales Teams and How To Overcome Them

15’40 >> Sales People Should Be Customer Therapists
30’20 >> The When and The Who
42’05 >> How To Hire The Best: The Process

Listen to the podcast here 

Podcast: The Product Podcast

Episode: 10 Metrics Every SaaS PM Should Use by fmr Facebook Product Leader

03’50 >> What metrics should every SaaS PM know to build on their dashboard
04’30 >> The business metrics
11’25 >> The product metrics
18’45 >> The customer metrics

Listen to the podcast here 

Podcast: Shopify Masters | The ecommerce business and marketing podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs

Episode: Secrets To Building A Referral Program That Actually Works

10’23 >> How you built up a referral channel?
15’28 >> How social proof from the reviews has made a big impact?
20’43 >> How the fundraising changed the game

Listen to the podcast here 

Podcast: App Marketing by App Masters

Episode: App Store Optimization in just 5 minutes

01'19: What are the first steps of ASO? Don't worry it's not that complicated
02'09: How do you use the keyword monitor?
04'34: Going through ASO creator step by step with a market expert

Listen to the podcast here 

Podcast: The Diary Of A CEO

Episode: Moment 61 - How To Handle ANY Rejection: Dr. Julie Smith

An important skill to learn, especially if you wish to start on a new projet, product or launching a company. I haven't split the episode, because it's all super important, and it's only about 7min long. So chin up 😎

Listen to the podcast here 

Podcast: Social Pros Podcast

Episode: Why AI Is the Future of Social Media

05'10 >> The impact of AI on business and what is holding marketers back?
14"00 >> The most common use case scenario
25"40 >> Where should you get started as a social media pro?
29"50 >> The challenges of AI for good

Listen to the podcast here 

September 8, 2022

Faster growth, less risk

How to remain obsolete in your market?

Because when we live in a world that constantly demands our attention, it's easy to get distracted. Moreover, we are drowned in a tsunami of information, so how can we be sure that we will not waste even more time looking for the right content.

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Upskyld's selection of podcasts - June 2022

Upskyld selection of super insightful podcasts in June and we wanted to share the highlights with the whole community. You're welcome.

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Upskyld's selection of podcasts - May 2022

We have selected super insightful podcasts in May and we wanted to share the highlights with the whole community. Isn't that nice?

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