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June 12, 2022

Upskyld's selection of podcasts - May 2022

We love listening to podcasts to stay ahead of the game and get inspired for a product, a new campaign or a pitch sales. But some podcasts are a bit long. And because our IA algorithm that will help you associate capsules of episodes to specific skills, we decided to give more insights to our community and highlight what topic is being discussed into details.

This way, you can jump into what interest you the most in each episode! Here was the May selection for podcasts in FR and EN (we only started this exercice Mid-May, plenty to come for the June edition then).

Podcast: Les Jeunes Branches / Episode: Devenir une marque incontournable en quelques mois et signer 2200 clients

5’45 >> difference between content creator and influencer
7’05 >> what is the creator economy
11'30 >> renewing yourself for a content creator is super important
30’00 >> launch marketing at the same time as the product
32’00 >> public build-in strategy
34’30 >> distribution, how to make the diff?
41’40 >> ranking of influencers on LK
46’10 >> marketing built to take off
52’00 >> what are the acquisition actions implemented?
59’20 >> the power of freemium
1’10’00 >> improve your product continuously, without copying others
1’17’00 >> why we can’t do without a product profile in the team
1’20’00 >> internal growth, what does it actually do?
1’27’00 >> how much time to devote to its content each day? on which platform?

Podcast: Le Podcast de Pauline Laigneau / Episode: Trouver l’idée de génie pour entreprendre #Leçon130

2’40 >> How to find an idea? How to develop your creativity every day?
5’30 >> Identify opportunities
12’05 >> Do we necessarily need to answer a problem to launch a company? 18'30 >> Can we start from an existing concept? 24'00 >> Be open-minded and jump on

Podcast: Marketing Growth Podcast / Episode: How to Run a Referral Program Successfully: A Conversation with Buyapowa’s Gideon Lask

0’50 >> Think about discovery and activation
3’10 >> What are the common mistakes?
5’10 >> What are the 3 Rs of referral marketing? 8'30 >> How does it work concretely?

Podcast: Ambitious Entrepreneur / Episode: Make Every LinkedIn Relationship Count

6’40 >> Actionable techniques to help you optimize your profile, build a strategic network, and lead to more business opportunities  

12’05 >> What type of content should you post?

Podcast: Marketing Growth Podcast / Episode: ­Bootstrapping Businesses From Scratch with Bryan Clayton

2’40 >> understanding your goal and acquisition strategy
5’15 >> what was his bootstrapping strategy (slow and low) and why the product needs to be the priority
9’20 >> the odds of success

A bit of patience, the list of June podcasts is coming!

July 21, 2022

Faster growth, less risk

How to remain obsolete in your market?

Because when we live in a world that constantly demands our attention, it's easy to get distracted. Moreover, we are drowned in a tsunami of information, so how can we be sure that we will not waste even more time looking for the right content.

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Upskyld's selection of podcasts - July 2022

Upskyld selection of super insightful podcasts in July and we wanted to share the highlights with the whole community. Because being on holiday is no excuse to not upskill.

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Upskyld's selection of podcasts - June 2022

Upskyld selection of super insightful podcasts in June and we wanted to share the highlights with the whole community. You're welcome.

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