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They give us super-powers across Europe

european edtech alliancelogo miidl startup studiologo edtech franceedtech garagelogo miidl startup studioupskyld is part of campus founders Heilbronn GermanyAI-driven audio learning startup, upskyld is accelerated by AI founderspurpose-driven, upskyld is part of the Good AI communityIntech founders is a European accelerator programme that will inspire and give diverse tech teams and female founders the tools to scale their business and expand internationallylogo miidl startup studiologo frenchtech
The App
podcast app for learningaudio learning app

Audio focus for relevant content

- Stop wasting time looking for the right information (newsletters, moocs, webinars...)

- Personalised delivery of relevant and insightful business content thanks to the wide range of selected podcasts

- Content qualified according to your learning preferences and level

We're on a mission

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Do you know how much time professionals spend learning per week? *24 minutes per week*

In our fast-growing digital world, not taking the time to train enough and regularly is professional negligence.

Employees know it. Companies know it.

The question we want to tackle: How do we transform each professional into a lifelong learner?

Upskyld is a personalized learning app that uses audio to plug into professionals’ downtimes. Our long-term vision is to have a positive impact on the Future of Work by unlocking new doors for professionals. Upskyld will fully engage in a decentralized certifications ecosystem that rewards the dynamic skills of lifelong learners.

Our mission is to help YOU and YOUR TEAM train better, faster (stronger) but most importantly anytime and anywhere.

The App
learning in the buspodcast playlist upskyld app

Personalised learning path

- Self-generated personalised podcast playlist

- AI, NLP and Machine Learning algorithms to match your skills and hot topics

- A complete learning journey for you and your team

corporate learningauditory learning

Lifelong learning experience

- Test your knowledge through quizzes

- Save and share your thoughts with your colleagues through our skillbook, a smart note tool to deep-dive into the listened content

- Listen and interact with relevant content - anytime, anywhere

- Mark-up your preferred content and share it with your learning community

The community

Who is Upskyld for?

Digital companies and any teams & professionals in the digital world who wants to keep learning, to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing market.


Digital Marketing goes fast. Stay up-to-date about solutions, strategies, hacks and trends.


BDR, SDR or AE, every sales need fresh insights about markets, and the best sales hacks.

startup founder
Founders & Solopreneurs

How to recruit, raise fundings, structure your op's or how to pivot. Always top of the game.

product board trello
Product people

Product Methodology is the ability to identify the best practice at the right moment.

“We are snowed under with information and the difficulty for us and for the content to stand out, how to differentiate ourselves on the market?”
- Julia V.
Marketer, HRtech
"I no longer train, I listen to podcasts to deepen my knowledge"
- Clément P.
"I’ve been working in Sales for 15 years, and I still learn every day"
- Jonathan G.
startup with family care policystartup in paris
upskyld foundersstartup in stuttgart
A little something about us

Meet our lovely and talented European team

Hi, we are the Upskyld team. We are Marie (CEO), Luis (CTO), Julien (COO). We're full-remote dispatched in Europe. We're so glad you're here today on our website. That’s means you’re interested in Upskyld, and furthermore that you’re interested in learning and upskilling, and that’s why we’re here for. You want to join as advisor, company, employee, intern, investor, user... please contact us.

upskyld's founders
Our blog

Latest news and insights

upskyld's blog

How to remain obsolete in your market?

Because when we live in a world that constantly demands our attention, it's easy to get distracted. Moreover, we are drowned in a tsunami of information, so how can we be sure that we will not waste even more time looking for the right content.

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upskyld's blog

Upskyld's selection of podcasts - July 2022

Upskyld selection of super insightful podcasts in July and we wanted to share the highlights with the whole community. Because being on holiday is no excuse to not upskill.

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upskyld's blog

Upskyld's selection of podcasts - June 2022

Upskyld selection of super insightful podcasts in June and we wanted to share the highlights with the whole community. You're welcome.

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